Our Services

After sales service support is the back bone of any business. The timely support, backed with trained and knowledgeable skilled personals, for any challenging service issue, is always very helpful.

For Science County, service is the most important activity out of the various things we do. The core team of Science County has started their career as Service Support person are recognized as one of the finest service engineers ever in the field of Chromatography and Spectroscopy. We not only offer efficient and effective service support but also train the end user for troubleshooting, educate them so that the end user become equipped to resolve the minor issues by themselves. This knowledge sharing also help in reducing the issues with appropriate precautions.

Science County have base in Pune, Banglore, Indore & Aurangabad with service support available 24 x 7 and in the weekends too. We are specialized in the various technology and instrumentations, such as,
1. HPLC : Pilot to Plant Scale System.
2. MPLC : Pilot to Plant Scale System.
3. LPLC : Pilot to Plant Scale System.
4. DAC Column : Dynamic Axial Compression Column : Pilot [50mmID] to Plant Scale[1200mmID].
5. Supercritical Fluid Chromatography [ SFC ] Analytical to Pilot Scale.
6. Supercritical Fluid Extraction [ SFE ] Analytical to Pilot Scale.
7. Supercritical Fluid – RESS & SAS for Particle Formation.
8. Supercritical Fluid Extraction [ SFC ] Plant Scale.
9. Process evaluation and optimization for chromatography purification.
10. Micro-reactors.
11. Flash Chromatography – Analytical, Prep and Plant Scale system.
12. Consumable for any make of Plant scale HPLC and DAC System.
13. Maintenance, servicing and trouble shooting of any make of above system.
14. Science County is the most experienced team in India, when it comes to technology like DAC Column. We are the most reliable and experienced team for DAC Column installation, Maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting followed by packing /unpacking and calibration.
15. We offer support to any make of Pilot and Plant scale Chromatography etc.
16. IQ/OQ of any make of above system.

Please feel free to write to us or call us for any of your need in process chromatography for Pilot to Plant scale chromatography and SFC/SFE system.

Some of the niche and critical technology, we believe are,

DAC Column :
Science County team has vast experience on dynamic axial compression column installation, calibration, packing and operation. The installation require a systematic approach and strict following of mounting procedure. We have vast experience in DAC column packing/unpacking followed by calibration.

It is a well known fact that the supercritical fluid chromatography require highly skilled and trained engineers for its installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. We are the most experienced service team in the World, worked on almost every make of SFC, from past 25+ Years. Science County team is able to install & repair any configuration of SFC from Analytical to Preparation Supercritical Fluid Chromatography System. Instead of just replacing the module, we work on the component level, ensuring low cost of maintenance.

Training & Consultancy :
We offer onsite training to the operators and users for Process HPLC, DAC, SFC, Flash Chromatogrphy etc. We along with our associated team, also offer consultancy for method optimization.